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Commercial provider broadband delivery update

Friday 21st July, 2017

Worcestershire County Council welcomes any commercial broadband investment in the county to facilitate and support delivery of fibre broadband across Worcestershire.

WCC has been informed by commercial provider Gigaclear that their proposed plans to commercially deploy fibre broadband in parts of Worcestershire will not go ahead as planned.

A Worcestershire County Council spokesperson said:

“Worcestershire County Council has been informed by Gigaclear that their proposed plans to commercially deploy fibre broadband in the areas in and surrounding ‘Dodford’ and ‘Hanley Castle’ have been reviewed and will be removed from their programme, as Gigaclear deem it is no longer commercially viable for their investment in Worcestershire to continue.

Deployment already underway by Gigaclear in and around the ‘Rowney Green Cabinet 1’ area will continue as planned, however they will not deploy in the ‘Weatheroak Hill’ and ‘Portway’ areas. Worcestershire County Council has worked with Gigaclear over recent months to fully explore potential solutions.

Worcestershire County Council is disappointed by Gigaclear’s decision and had previously asked Gigaclear to commit to a detailed planning session, to which we understood they had agreed. Since Gigaclear’s announcement to withdraw, WCC has written to Gigaclear requesting they reconsider their decision.

Should Gigaclear remain committed to their decision to fully withdraw from Worcestershire then WCC would need to review the impact of this on the current broadband programme ‘intervention areas’ (areas eligible for future public funding) moving forward.”

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