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We've updated the latest programme rollout information. This now includes first cabinets which are anticipated to receive fibre upgrades as part of Phase 1 exchange areas. 

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Fibre broadband is transforming the way people work and play; boosting the economy, enabling businesses to work more effectively and bringing online entertainment to life.

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Find out if you can get high speed fibre broadband

Superfast Worcestershire will provide a next generation broadband netword to at least 90% of the county's residents and businesses transforming broadband speeds across the County by June 2016.

To find out when you can expect to get superfast broadband in your area and see which cabinets are being deployed, visit the 'News' page.

You can also find useful advice on 'How to get it' page.

Coverage Map - April 2014 (PDF 3 MB)

Fibre broadband for the family home

This video helps explain how we’re bringing high speed fibre broadband to Worcestershire. Some areas will have access to High-speed fibre broadband before others as it's not possible to bring it to every areas at the same time.

Latest information on the progress of the rollout programme is available.

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Drive Business Growth

Access to Superfast Broadband has many benefits for businesses. Having a high-speed fibre connection will help your business...

  • Gain advantage, manage change and grow
  • Work faster and more efficiently
  • Get instant access to shared online workspaces
  • Reduce the need to travel and cut costs

Broadband is key to unlocking economic growth to create more jobs, improve business, support education & transform access to services for communities. Find out how your business could benefit.

Business Park & Town Centre Coverage announced